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Sherri Billey
Registered Counselling Therapist 

Sherri is a Registered Counselling Therapist with the CPCA.


Sherri is passionate about building a connection with her client that allows her client to feel seen, heard, and valued. Sherri’s focus in her counselling is to create a safe space that allows her client to drop their “mask” and be fully vulnerable and authentically themselves.


In your session with Sherri you will find warmth, acceptance, genuineness, and validation. Sherri graduated from the Vancouver College of Counsellor Training in September 2018. Sherri has a specialization in Sexual Abuse Counselling and ASIST certification. Sherri employs a variety of techniques in session such as CBT, mindfulness, healing prayers, and family of origin with the focus on you, the client, and what fits with your life and your goals in counselling.


Sherri has experience with anxiety, depression, including post-partum, shame, suicide, grief & loss, spiritual abuse, boundaries, performance orientation, anger management, and abuse.


Sherri loves spending time with her kids and her friends. She loves camping, hiking, reading, silly dancing in the kitchen, K-Pop, and reruns of Doctor Who.


You can reach Sherri directly at 780-818-2510 or

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