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Are there fees for the services at Parkland Wellness?  

All services for refugees are free of charge. The practitioners here at Parkland Wellness charge fees for their services.

If I don’t have coverage, is there an option of accessing some sort of sliding scale fee?

Those who do not have coverage for services, and are residents of Spruce Grove, Stony Plain or Parkland County, can apply for sponsorship for coverage of a portion of their fees or the total of fees. This process of application is done at initial session with the chosen practitioner. Once application has been approved, Parkland Wellness Center offers a total of four sessions of sponsorship.

Can I access the care of more than one practitioner at the center at a time?  

Yes! Please feel free to book sessions with as many of the practitioners as you would like. As well, our practitioners here at Parkland Wellness Center can work as a collaborative team on your case if you feel you need a holistic and multi-dimensional approach to your care. We would be happy to sit down with you and answer all your questions about this approach to care.

Is the ELL (English Language Learning) classes at the Refugee Welcome Space only available to refugees?

No. Newcomers to the country are more than welcome to join our classes free of charge.

Is registration required for the ELL classes?

Beginning in September 2020 registration will be required to participate in our ELL classes. Our classes run on Thursdays from 12-2pm. We offer beginner English classes, conversational English practice, and English grammar class.

Are there other services available for refugees?

Yes. During ELL class, we have a volunteer Social Worker that can answer any questions you may have about accessing resources. Our Social Worker would also be happy to help you with any forms you may need to fill out as you access services in the region.


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