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Refugee Welcome Space

Welcome to Canada

Who we are and what we offer

The Refugee Welcome Space offers many opportunities to learn and practice English, become familiar with Canadian culture, and learn the skills needed to thrive in a North American environment.  With all our programs we focus on forming relationships and growing friendships.  We offer discussion groups, workshops, courses and one-on-one help for specific needs.  Our goal is to cover the skills and topics that will be the most beneficial for newcomers to live well in their new home.  



Refugee Welcome Space courses are taught specifically to learn a skill that is beneficial to life in Canada and can run anywhere from a few days to many weeks in length.


Please stay tuned for our upcoming course offerings!

ELL Course (English Learning Courses)

Our formal ELL courses are especially suited to pre-beginner and beginner English speakers and continue into an intermediate level.  Our main goal is to help prepare students for what may be a more intense English classroom setting in other schools and organizations.  If you want to learn English but still feel very intimidated in a more formal school setting, our classes may be just right for you.  We do offer one-on-one tutoring for more advanced students with specific goals in mind.  


If you are interested in ELL courses, please contact us and we will be happy to register you in the appropriate course. 



Groups are run as ongoing programs throughout the year and are for the purpose of emotional, spiritual, physical, or relational support.  Each group will have a different focus and will aim to meet different needs. There will be many opportunities to discuss cultural differences, ask questions, and practice English in a conversational style within a relaxed, informal setting.

Thursday Afternoon Discussion and Support group.


Workshops are offered on a monthly or semi monthly basis and cover a single topic, taught by a professional on that subject.  The time duration is one to three sessions each.  Each workshop is designed to help acquaint you with an aspect of Canadian life or culture that may be difficult to understand or that is particularly beneficial as a skill for life in Canada.

Topics include:

  • Emergency services

  • Policing in Canada

  • Gardening in Alberta

  • Medical Services (non-emergency)

  • Banking and Finances

  • Healthy Family dynamics 

  • Women’s Health

  • Assistance programs; how to find and access them

  • Employment and Career; resumes, interviews, job searches, how to find the right job or career

  • Healing from Trauma



Services are mainly run during or around our regularly scheduled programs and are offered by request or registration on an individual basis. 

  • On Site Social Worker by appointment on Thursdays from 12-2pm, Book appointment with jennifer@parklandwellnesscenter.comServices provided: 

    • Resume support

    • Navigation of Social supports

    • Interview Preparation

  • Stocked library available for all program participants to borrow books 

  • Homework support for grades 1 - 12, Available Monday 7:00-8:30. Book appointment with

  • One on One Tutoring for more advanced English students or as needed for school courses. Book appointment with

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