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About Us


Parkland Wellness Center and Refugee Welcome Space is a Holistic Mental Health Center located in Spruce Grove that serves Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County. 


The Center offers a holistic approach to mental health care through Counselling Therapy, Psychology, Life Coaching, Trauma Informed Massage Therapy, Spiritual Care, and Dietitian Consultation. 


The Refugee Welcome Space supports refugees and newcomers in the area through ELL (English Language Learning) classes, after school tutoring, access to a Social Worker, monthly seminars on navigating Canadian culture and emotional and relational support as they learn how to adjust to life in Canada. 


The Wellness Center endeavors to provide low-cost services for those who are financially limited, by accessing donations (monthly and one time), sponsorship programs and grants. All programs offered at the Refugee Welcome Space are free of charge and are run by a team of dedicated, passionate and compassionate volunteers. It is the center’s desire that through these services, the individuals in the Tri-Area, will find healing, hope, growth and vision for their futures. 


As you access quality holistic care (care for the whole person), this affects your families positively, which in turn has a long-term effect on the community. The belief is, “A healthy individual, impacts healthy family dynamic, which impacts healthy community dynamic”. 


Parkland Wellness Center

Holistic Mental
Health Center

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Refugee Welcome Space

Welcome to Canada

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