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Miranda Weiler-Eley, Director of Programing for RWS

Hello, I’m Miranda, and I am happy to be able to offer ESL classes for refugees and
immigrants at the Parkland Wellness Centre and Refugee Welcome Space! I have the privilege of working with a wonderful team of teachers and volunteers. Together we hope to provide a unique and welcoming class experience.

I spent my teen years in a foreign country when my family moved to Central America as
missionaries. Not speaking the language or understanding cultural differences could make
day-to-day life difficult. I remember the feelings of isolation well! We were blessed to have a
local family befriend us and help us with translating and understanding the culture. They made all the difference in that first year! My hope and goal is to be a part of a similar positive
experience for those who are new to Canada’s language and culture.

I have experience teaching ESL under Natalie Boldt, who did such a wonderful job of getting
this program up and running! As a homeschool mother of 12 years, I have first hand experience
teaching students of various ages one-on-one as well as in larger group settings. I have
experience working with many different types of curriculum for many subjects as well as creating
curriculum myself. My heart is to see those who have been displaced, are here to seek refuge,
or are new to Canada for any number of reasons, find a comfortable and welcoming place to
learn our language and better understand our culture. I plan to utilize everything I have to help
make that a reality in the Parkland Wellness Centre and Refugee Welcome Space.